Party hard!

Announcement: August is ending, which means that Jeune Volontaire is also ending.

I’ve been working full time on my projects, my career, my online presence and my convention table for 1 year now. The community surrounding Sun’s Blade has flourished during that time and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

I launched myself in the long marathon of becoming an online webcomic freelancer 2 years and a half ago, and I still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do ahead of me.

You can directly help Sun’s Blade and the queer zines by becoming a backer on Patreon for as little as 2$/month. “Sun’s Blade, the webcomic” will always be free to read online, and your financial support will help me to keep updating bilingual and quality content.

In exchange for your financial support, and depending on the amount invested, you have access to Sun’s Blade’s behind the scene, the bonus chapters when available, to digital comics and NSFW queer zines.

You also get the satisfaction of helping out a comic author grow their career.

Our next goal is to reach 20 patrons! Doing so, I’ll make a new Q&A session staring the main cast of Sun’s Blade. It’ll allow you all to know a little more about the characters and for me to act as them, throwing me back into my younger years as a writer… #goodtimes

Your support, in whichever form it comes, is the reason Sun’s Blade exist and still does.

Thank you for considering Patreon and we’ll see again next week!