Sun’s Blade is a medieval fantasy comic about Anaïs, Wilhem and Fritz whom are stuck on an unknown snowy island after the ship on which they were travelling crashed. They then journey on the lands in hope of finding anyone or anything that can help them find their way back home. A story about finding one’s worth in a world ruled by a facists religious cult.

The origins

The adventure begins in the summer of 2015 when four friends start their very first Pathfinder adventure. That’s when the characters and the universe of Sun’s Blade are created.

Its story, however, diverges from what was played and improvised during that almost year of playing almost weekly.

Many players joined the adventure, most of them temporarily while others more frequently. The most important thing to remember here is the fun and joy the participants had while investing time and energy into creating those marvelous sessions. Drawing and illustrating the characters and scenes gave Anaïs’ player the idea of making a comic out of it.

A 15 pages pilot was made between May and June 2016, and the official story debuted in 2017 on March 8. Ever since, 2 pages were uploaded every 2 weeks, exception made for holidays and crowdfunding campaign periods.